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It feels like there have been an almost alarming number of Prospect Park foraging tours over the past few weeks. ‘Wild Man’ Steve Brill joins the fray on Saturday. We totally endorse the gathering of wild edibles in the heart of Brooklyn…we’d just advise those of you who share our enthusiasm to get out there before your fellow locavores have picked the place clean, or at least before the squirrels have time to plot their revenge.

Some of the wild delicacies to be found in the park include a variety of leafy greens, hickory, beech, hazel and walnuts, burdock, sassafras, elderberries, apple-like hawthorn berries, and all kinds of mushrooms. After yesterday’s wild storm the foraging might be easier than usual…we figure those nuts are probably strewn all over the paths and mushrooms should be sprouting like mad.

For a much more detailed look at Prospect Park edibles, see the Wild Man’s website.

The 4-hour walking tour begins at 11:45 AM, Saturday, September 18, at Prospect Park’s Grand Army Plaza entrance. Call (914) 835-2153 at least 24 hours in advance to reserve a place.

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