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When longtime Fort Greene residents, Rose Hermann and Bill Stenehjem opened Stonehome Wine Bar nearly a decade ago, food wasn’t their top concern. Bill’s recently-earned sommelier’s degree and Rose’s art and design background came together to form a warm and inviting place for neighbors to relax and explore the extensive wine list.

The opening menu focused on charcuterie and cheese. As the wine bar developed a following, and a particularly strong allure for those on their way to or from performances at the neighboring Brooklyn Academy of Music, the clamor for full meals demanded a change. In 2006, Rose and Bill hired chef John Gibson to build a new menu. Gibson has been there ever since, delivering an understated selection of seasonal dishes to neighborhood fans.

All meats used at Stonehome are pasture-raised and hormone and antibiotic-free. All seafood is sustainably sourced.

The menu at Stonehome is seasonal, highlighting local produce at its prime.

Cheese and charcuterie, the wine bar's original house specialty, are still prominent on the menu.

John selects new fish specials based on what's fresh at the market. Tonight, it's pan-friend mackerel.

A tangy relish of lemon zest, capers and herbs were served with the mackerel.

Roast pork tenderloin.

Deep-friend brussels sprouts.

John checks the tickets.

Plating tonight's version of the pan-roasted chicken.

The pan roasted chicken, a longtime favorite, alternates sides with the market offerings. Here, it's served with polenta and kale.

Plating orders of the steamed mussels.

Steamed mussels in tomato broth.

Clay Williams is a Brooklyn-based photographer and blogger known online as UltraClay. He has covered food and events for Bon Appetit, Edible Manhattan and Midtown Lunch.

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