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Mariko Makino is back with another edition of ‘Food Tag.’ This week, we go from whole lobster to ceviche — only the best for you, people!

Rye (Williamsburg) puts a twist on tradition with its grilled ceviche.

Jeff Slagg, Chef/Owner of Sel de Mer and the creator of last week’s whole lobster dinner, chooses his favorite dish:

Rye has the most wonderful Grilled Ceviche – I think I’ve had it every time I have been in. It comes with these squid, blue prawns with the heads still on so you can suck their brains and diver scallops, which are just my favorite — they are so amazing. The fish comes with this citrus avocado salad with a Thai vinagrette and some other goodies. It has a little bit of an Asian flare. On these super hot days you don’t want something super heavy, so this is just great.”

Cal Elliot, Chef/Owner of Rye explains:

“The Grilled Ceviche is made with Hawaiian blue prawns, diver sea scallops and squid marinated in a Thai lime vinaigrette made with lime juice, fish sauce, and Thai chilies. The seafood sits on top of a composed avocado citrus salad made with avocado, lime, lemon, grapefruit segments, shaved red onion, diced red pepper and jalapeno.

Seafood in traditional ceviche sees no heat, the fish is typically seared by the citrus acid in the marinade. Our ceviche is grilled, enhancing the texture and adding a smokiness that doesn’t exist in a traditional ceviche. Perfect for a hot summer day, the heat and citrus in this dish will keep you drinking!”

Ready to try grilled ceviche? Hop on over to Rye, 247 S. 1st Street (between Roebling and Havemeyer in Williamsburg). To check out the rest of the Food Tag entries so far, go here.

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