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Mariko Makino is back with another edition of ‘Food Tag.’ This week, we go from a breakfast torte to a ‘Maine course.’ Yeah, we just did that.

Simplicity is best: the classic whole lobster meal at Sel de Mer.

Last week’s Linzer Torte creator, Pastry Chef Chelsea Wilkes of Van Leeuwen, explains her favorite neighborhood dish:

“All of us here at Van Leeuwen have been really into Sel de Mer (East Williamsburg). Every time we go I order the Whole Lobster dinner, which is lobster made very simply and flawlessly, with really delicious french fries, butter and lemon. Their ingredients are so delicious and perfectly cooked every time. It’s one of the only places I am really excited to have fish because I know that whatever they do with it, it will be amazing.”

Owner and Chef of Sel de Mer, Jeff Slagg comes back with:

“We do the Whole Lobster the original way it’s eaten all up and down the East Coast. It’s boiled in court bouillon–which is a traditional broth to poach lobster in–but we add a ton of stuff to it: lemons, onions, fennel, fennel fronds, Old Bay seasoning and throw in all kinds of ingredients we are cutting and chopping throughout the day. We leave it boiling in the kitchen all day, sort of like a bubbling cauldron, and put the lobster in to order for exactly eight minutes. Any longer and it will be dry, overcooked and stringy.

We use 1¼ pound Canadian or Maine lobster and make sure it’s moving around, angry, feisty, biting and snapping when we get it in. It must be really active for it to be fresh and tasty. We then serve it with lemon and drawn butter, which is absolutely fantastic and balances the flavor of the lobster.”

Can’t wait to try out that new bib you got? Throw down on some lobster at Sel de Mer: 374 Graham Avenue in East Williamsburg. To check out the rest of the Food Tag entries so far, go here.

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