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Welcome back to ‘Brooklyn Food Tag’ – a little experiment designed to connect Brooklyn chefs’ favorite bites. Each week, contributor Mariko Makino asks a local chef to ‘tag’ one of their favorite go-to dishes – something they can’t get enough of when they’re heading out for a bite. With the weekly pick in hand, Mariko will chases down its creator to find out how it’s prepared, and asks that chef in turn to tag their favorite, and the game goes on…

Last week, Chef-Owner of Eat Jordan Colon explained his summer ratatouille, now he is letting us in on his favorite morning treat.

The blueberry Linzer torte at Van Leeuwen.

“Just this morning I had another tasty blueberry Linzer torte at Van Leeuwen. It’s a little bit crispy and a little bit cakey, and you can taste that they use good, natural ingredients. All their pastries are delicious there and you can even put some of their vanilla ice-cream on it.”

Chelsea Wilkes, Pastry Chef at the Van Leeuwen storefront in Greenpoint responds:

“The Linzer torte is a classic Austrian pastry that we make with a thick seasonal jam. I try to do the jam filling based on the season, and now is the perfect time for fresh berries and stone fruits. The dough is made similar to a shortbread, but we use almond flour and lots of spices. Traditionally, it’s in a larger form and has a lattice, but we do them individually sized so people can grab one to-go with their coffee. It’s very simple, delicious, and old fashioned.”

You can get your Linzer torte fix at Van Leeuwen in Greenpoint at 632 Manhattan Avenue (at Nassau Avenue). Check out the rest of the chef picks from Brooklyn Food Tag here.

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One Response to Food Tag #7 – Blueberry Linzer Torte at Van Leeuwen

  1. Monika Studer says:

    Lovely! It looks just as tasty as i remember them. I can feel the god taste when I see it!

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