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Welcome back to ‘Brooklyn Food Tag’ – a little experiment designed to connect Brooklyn chefs’ favorite bites. Each week, contributor Mariko Makino asks a local chef to ‘tag’ one of their favorite go-to dishes – something they can’t get enough of when they’re heading out for a bite. With the weekly pick in hand, Mariko will chases down its creator to find out how it’s prepared, and asks that chef in turn to tag their favorite, and the game goes on…

Last week, Mariko chatted with Northeast Kingdom’s Brooke Hoffine, who tagged Café Ghia‘s Crispy Millet Cake as her reason to get out of bed every weekend. This week, Mariko caught up with Café Ghia chef Cara Baker, who takes us out of Bushwick to a place  that takes the notion of “local food” to new heights.

The menu at Greenpoint's Eat changes daily, but the ratatouille is a house favorite.

Chef Cara Baker, at Café Ghia in Bushwick raves about a Greenpoint restaurant:

“I like to eat whatever Jordan Colon is cooking at Eat in Greenpoint. Before coming to Ghia I was an apprentice on a small dairy farm in NJ (Bobolink Dairy), so I do what I can to support local farmers, but Jordan has taken it to the next level and I really admire him for that. He gets the best of what’s in season from farmers markets and creates a small menu that changes every day. Everything I’ve eaten there has been excellent.”

Chef-Owner of Eat, Jordan Colon, responds:

“The menu changes daily, so you may not get the exact same thing everyday but you are going to get the same quality and care. The ratatouille is one of my favorite things to cook in the summer and it usually has sweet corn, peppers, eggplant, and squash. Today I added fennel and carrots because that’s what came in. It is a reoccuring dish because it is such a great way to cook summer vegetables together and anything fresh will work. I add any grain to it to add some heaviness, and today we are using freekeh. It’s delicious, but not a very delicate dish so you can just let it cook on the burner for hours.”

If local food is your jam, you can find Eat at 124 Meserole Ave (between Manhattan Ave & Leonard St) in Greenpoint. For more on chef/owner Jordan Colon’s take on food, check out our interview with him from this spring. You can scope out the rest of the Food Tag entries here for more inspirational dishes!

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