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Welcome back to ‘Brooklyn Food Tag’ – a little experiment designed to connect Brooklyn chefs’ favorite bites. Each week, contributor Mariko Makino will ask a local chef to ‘tag’ one of their favorite go-to dishes – something they can’t get enough of when they’re heading out for a bite. With the weekly pick in hand, Mariko will chase down its creator to find out how it’s prepared, and ask that chef in turn to tag their favorite, and the game goes on…

Last week, Mariko chatted with Chris Demarko, co-owner of The Deli and General Store, about his favorite local dish — er, cocktail — the Spicy Margarita at Northeast Kingdom.  This week, Northeast Kingdom’s Brooke Hoffine gets back to grub with a brunch item that gets her out of bed each week.  Stay tuned next week when our experiment veers out of Bushwick — perhaps to your neck of the woods…

The Crispy Millet Cake at Café Ghia just might be the thing to get you out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

Mixologist at Northeast Kingdom, Brooke Hoffine, explains her current favorite dish in Brooklyn:

“I have been eating this crispy millet cake with a tomato basil sauce on Café Ghia’s weekend brunch menu. I wake up up thinking about it, it’s so awesome. I ate it for the first time about a month ago and I’ve been back probably four or five times for it. Seriously.”

Chef at Café Ghia, Cara Baker responds:

“I first had millet at Café Orlin in Manhattan at the crack of dawn after a bus ride from D.C. I was exhausted, starving and in awe of this grain I had never worked with before. I started to experiment with it and when we opened Café Ghia I knew I wanted it on the menu. The millet cake we make here is basically the consistency of a polenta cake, but millet is a smaller grain with a little bit of a courser texture and rarely seen on menus. We top it with a fried egg, fresh tomato sauce and a grilled seasonal vegetable.”

Does the Crispy Millet Cake sound like a bite you can’t live without? You can hit up Café Ghia at 24 Irving Avenue in Bushwick (at Jefferson Street just off Flushing Ave.)  Check out the rest of the Food Tag entries here for more inspirational dishes!

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