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So welcome back to ‘Brooklyn Food Tag’ – a little experiment designed to connect Brooklyn chefs’ favorite bites. Each week, contributor Mariko Makino will ask a local chef to ‘tag’ one of their favorite go-to dishes – something they can’t get enough of when they’re heading out for a bite. With the weekly pick in hand, Mariko will chase down its creator to find out  how it’s prepared, and ask that chef in turn to tag their favorite, and the game goes on…

Last week, Mariko caught up with Yummus’ Jay Leyritz to find out about his pick, ‘The ‘Ol Smokey,’ a smoked trout sandwich at Bushwick’s The Deli and General Store that he can’t go a week without. This week Chris Demarko, co-owner of The Deli and General Store, adds some spirit(s) to the game with a boozy concoction he likes to throw back every so often.

The spicy margarita from Northeast Kingdom in Bushwick punches up this week's installment of Food Tag.

Co-owner of The Deli and General Store, Chris Demarko, on his current favorite drink:

“If it’s a toasty day out, Northeast Kingdom makes a phenomenal spicy margarita. So, from time to time if I’m parched and need to wet the ol’ whistle I head up there and grab me one of those.  Hint: They have a blonde bartender who makes them the best.”

Mixologist at Northeast Kingdom Brooke Hoffine responds:

“The spicy margarita is made with lime juice, Jarritos, Combier, and a house-made simple syrup infused with the smoked japeleno. We smoke fresh jalepenos in a hotel pan and put them through a roboku, which is a super high grade food processor, then reduce the puree down with simple syrup. The drink is garnished with a lime wedge and salt. It’s spicy, sweet, and tart with a little bit of smoke overtone. I made it last year and it was so popular we brought it back this year.”

If you’re ready to down a few ice-cold spicy margaritas yourself (no one could blame you in this heat – or in any weather), you can drop by Northeast Kingdom at 18 Wycoff Ave (at Troutman St. below Flushing Ave). If you want to try some of the other items chosen in Food Tag, check out the previous installments here.

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2 Responses to Food Tag #4: The Spicy Margarita at Northeast Kingdom

  1. conrad says:

    the margarita does sound good. also, the food processor is a robot-coupe not a roboku. jussayin

  2. Wendy says:

    I love Brooklyn Food Tag!!! This margarita sounds yum!

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