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The grilled lamb shoulder at St. Anselm in Williamsburg, is Tom Chadwick's (of Dram Cocktail Bar) pick.

by Mariko Makino

Last week, Cal Elliot, chef/owner of Rye tapped the ‘Hell’s Ditch,’ an off-menu cocktail at Dram as one of his favorite treats.

This week, Tom Chadwick, owner of Dram Cocktail Bar, makes his pick:

“My favorite local restaurant right now is St. Anselm.  Its owned by the guys who have Fette Sau and they recently reopened and reinvented themselves and I really like what they are doing right now.  My favorite thing that I got recently was the grilled lamb shoulder–just an old school piece of lamb but delicious.  I go there probably about once a week.”

St. Anselm’s head chef Yvon de Tassigny explains the Shoulder Blade Chop:

“We were looking for another cut of lamb that you don’t see very much and when we chose a lamb shoulder we weren’t sure if it would work on the grill.  Lamb shoulder is a fattier cut so it flares up a lot on the grill, and it doesn’t have a bone running through it but it still has a ton of flavor.  A lot of times you’ll see this cut used in stews or ground up, but it works on the grill.  We season it simply with salt and pepper, throw it on the grill and serve it with a compound butter and a take on a gremolata sauce but with mint and lime zest instead of parsley with lemon.”

Stay tuned. Next week we’ll chase down chef Yvon’s current fave.

St. Anselm is located at 355 Metropolitan Ave, between North 4th & Havemeyer, in Williamsburg

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