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The tireless Mariko Makino returns with the latest installment of the never-ending game of Food Tag. In the last installment, Jeff Slagg, chef/owner of East Williamsburg’s Sel de Mer, picked Rye Restaurant‘s Grilled Ceviche as his current addiction.

This week, Cal Elliot, chef/owner of Rye tags the ‘Hell’s Ditch,’ an off-menu cocktail at Dram as one of his current faves.

The 'Hell's Ditch' at Dram Cocktail Bar

Cal Elliot, Chef/Owner of Rye Restaurant, chooses his favorite after-work drink in the neighborhood:

“Like many other chefs, I don’t get to go out to eat very often.  I would however, like to give a shout out to Tom Chadwick of Dram Cocktail Bar.  I am known over there to enjoy the ‘Hell’s Ditch’.”

Bartender/Owner/Mixologist at Dram Cocktail Bar, Tom Chadwick responds:

“The Hell’s Ditch is a stirred spirit-forward cocktail which means there isn’t any citrus or sugar in it — its all booze, similar to a Manhattan.  The bartender Nick Jarrett came up with this drink based on a classic cocktail called The Atty.  It has both Powers Irish whiskey and cask-strength Connemara Irish whiskey which is peated and high proof, giving a lot of oomph.  Then we added Benedictine, Absinthe, and Creme de Violette.  We change our menu every month to six weeks and we try to stay seasonal, so this was something we brought to the menu around St. Patrick’s Day.  We wanted an Irish Whiskey cocktail without being too cheesy about it.  Irish whiskey is actually kind of hard to work with because it’s pretty light on its own but this drink is good and strong, and turned fittingly greenish by accident.”

*The Hell’s Ditch is not listed on the menu, but they can make it upon request.  So go and ask for it!

If you’re ready for a taste of ‘Hell’s Ditch,’ you can find it at Dram Cocktail Bar, at 177 S. 4th Street, between Driggs and Roebling in Williamsburg.

Stay tuned next week, as Mariko chases down Tom Chadwick’s ‘It’ pick.

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