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We wish we had time to compile neighborhood food guides. We’d love to spend our days scouting brownstone canyons, tasting mozzarella made by hand in tiny corner stores, and downing mixologized Manhattans at new-school cocktail bars. But we never seem to be able to find the damn time. And anyway, we always know that if we just wait long enough…someone else will write these things for for us.

Here are two from the past week:

Serious Eats has a run-down of editor Carey Jones’s favorite spots in Prospect Heights and Park Slope. Some of her highlights include Franny’s for pizza, Little Miss Muffin ‘n Her Stuffin’ for (what else) muffins, Bierkraft for sandwiches on crusty bread, and The Islands for ox tail that’ll knock your socks off.  We’d suggest adding Fleisher’s for local, sustainable meats, including rotisserie chickens that are fought over like flat screen TVs on Black Friday, and Chuko, where the ramen is good (sooo good) and the Fried Chicken Bun with Maple Butter might be even better.

The New York Post focuses on Bed-Stuy, highlighting restaurants and food shops that have opened in the last year: Daily Press Bed-Stuy for coffee, Do or Dine for fun and controversy, Sud Vino e Cucina for fresh local Italian, Dough for doughnuts worth their weight in gold, and SCRATCHbread for aroma alone. We’d add Lonestar Taco, which doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar yet but has been winning fans at their neighborhood pop-ups, and beloved (relative) old-timers, Saraghina and Peaches HotHouse .

Every neighborhood has its gems, waiting to be discovered. If only we could eat six meals a day…and didn’t have to work. In the meantime, we’ll await further reports from the field.

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