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Photographer Valery Rizzo is back with another Brooklyn food story for us. This time, she took her Holga to Brooklyn Flea’s original Fort Greene location to capture some of the already-iconic market’s food vendors.

While the Flea spinoff Smorgasburg’s tear-the-roof-off-the-sucka debut this coming Saturday is the buzz of the borough, we thought now would be a good time to celebrate where it all began.

SCRATCHbread serving up MOZZtoast, made with their own fresh pulled mozzerella on Parmaloaf...bread with a parmesan crusted bottom, sea salt, cracked black pepper and fennel, all topped with extra-virgin olive oil.

Anna Viertel and Frank Saliani prepping pizzas for Pizza Moto, at the Brooklyn Flea.

Dave Scarlow, owner of Pizza Moto cooking the pies in their mobile wood burning oven.

Riley Soloner of Pizza Moto slicing several freshly baked individual pizzas.

Mark Sopchak of Whimsy & Spice...sweets with a dash of spice, handmade in Brooklyn.

Porchetta serving up their staple Porchetta sandwiches...a hormone and antibiotic free boneless pork shoulder cooked with fresh herbs and wine.

Georgie Castle from Fine & Raw Chocolate...raw artisan confections using conscious ingredients. All ingredients are organic and packaged using recycled paper printed with non-toxic vegetable based ink. And the chocolate is really good too!

Rue Snider and Joel Horowitz of People's Pops serve fresh local fruit ice pops and shave ice to a constant crowd of people at the Flea.

Market goers Ruthie Fish and Laura Hinman getting ready to enjoy their hot dogs with asian-inspired toppings from Asia Dog.

All photos © Valery Rizzo. All rights reserved.

Valery is a Park Slope-based professional photographer with a love of good food and all things Brooklyn. You can find more of her work on her website, and you can follow her food adventures on her photo blog, Eating Brooklyn.

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