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Current and former members of the venerable Park Slope Food Co-op can attest that access to all that cheap local, organic produce comes at a cost: three hour monthly work shifts for every member, interminable checkout lines, aisles more crowded than a subway at rush hour, forcing shoppers to jockey and elbow their way through the passive-aggressive, acrimonious hordes in search of daikon radish or local kohlrabi, and…the monthly meetings.

Attendance at meetings isn’t required, but members can get a pass from their monthly work shift for showing up, which usually drives a healthy turnout of spectators for the inevitable . Reuters Opinion editor and co-op member Chadwick Matlin live-tweeted the two and a quarter hour meeting last night, and blogger Carrie Frye pulled it all together for The Awl. We’ve included some of the highlights below. The Awl has it all.

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