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The word has been out for some time that Joe Ogrodnek and Walker Stern are putting out some of Brooklyn’s finest food at Battersby, their casual, cozy restaurant on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens. So it was only a matter of time before the Munchies crew came along and forced them to booze it up on camera.

In the latest episode of everyone’s favorite get drunk with a badass chef show, Munchies warms things up in the tiny Battersby kitchen, where Joe rocks their version of a springtime classic – asparagus and morels, and Walker composes a peekytoe crab parfait – sweet crab meat topped with a layer of raw cucumber, green apple and celery marinated in verjus, salt, pepper and olive oil, which is in turn topped with a fresh gelee made with the juice of green apples and celery, all of which is topped with a light shellfish mousse. Yeah, these guys are not f’ing around.

Then it’s on to Henry Public for Fernet Branca, Plymouth Rock Oysters, grilled ramps with farmer’s cheese, and the famous turkey leg sandwich (made with dark turkey meat braised in milk and black pepper), before a jump over to Brooklyn Social for Irish car bombs and more Fernet, and a stumble back to Battersby where things go predictably downhill until sous chef Michael Sowa restores sanity by whipping up a pizza. Three, two, one…Action:

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