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The old Norse Sagas tell fearsome tales of the Berserkers – a breed of wolf-pelted warriors legendary for their frantic ferocity in battle. Although no historical proof yet exists, some say their fury was fueled by brews concocted with all sorts of psychotropic substances.

The brewers at Red Hook’s Sixpoint Craft Ales are known for finding creative inspiration in the unlikeliest places, so their turn towards Nordic lore for the latest installment in their Mad Scientist series isn’t exactly a shock.

For the Berserker Bock, they teamed up with their bros at Stumptown Coffee’s Red Hook roastery to create a bock-style lager infused with cold-brewed Guatemalan Finca El Injerto beans. The result is a surprisingly light, dry brew with nicely balanced earthy, nutty, coffee flavors that reminded us more of the volcanic Guatemalan soil and the lush rain forest climate that produced the beans than of a frenzied mob of Nordic warriors.

…and, it comes with its own movie. Enjoy!

We enjoyed a glass at Bierkraft a few weeks ago, and are happy to report that no violence or mayhem ensued. You can currently find the Berserker Bock at 61 Local in Boerum Hill, Strong Place in Cobble Hill, Eastern District in Greenpoint, or GRABin the Slope.

If you stumble across the Berserker anyplace else, share the intel in the comments section!

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