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Corn seems to have gotten a bit of bad rap lately (thanks, Michael Pollan), but fresh summer corn is definitely not something to miss. We asked our farmer friend Chelsea Whittaker, manager of Greenpoint/McCarren Park and Carroll Gardens farmers markets, for some tips on choosing corn at the market. Here’s what she said:

 “Corn is in abundance at all of the Greenmarkets now and there are generally three different kinds to look for: white, yellow, and bicolor. All taste slightly different and they also vary from farm to farm . So you should try different kinds of corn from different farmers each week to find the ones you like best!

A lot of shoppers notice that farmers market corn is much sweeter than corn in the grocery store…that’s because corn in the farmers markets is much fresher! Corn is picked when it has a 5-20% sugar content. As soon as it is picked, that sugar immediately begins to convert to starch and it loses its sweetness. Because corn in the markets is so fresh, you actually don’t have to cook it! You can just cut the kernals off and make a quick, raw salad. If you do decide to cook the corn (who doesn’t love a little corn-on-the-cob!), it should only be for about 1 to 2 minutes and enjoyed right away!”

There are 11 NYC Greenmarkets (aka, “farmers markets”) across Brooklyn and over 45 across all NYC. Check out the NYC Greenmarkets site here to find one close to you, and be sure to look for more updates today and tomorrow on NonaBrooklyn about what’ll be fresh this week!

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