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If the total hosing of team USA in the World Cup match against Slovenia didn’t leave a bitter enough taste in your mouth, perhaps we can interest you in the latest rising star of the NY farmers market world: the black currant. Though long-prized in Europe for its unique, tart flavor profile, the black currant was on the blacklist–like, actually banned–in many states in the last century because it carries a fungus that can be lethal to pine trees. Thankfully the Pine Lobby has cooled its jets, and the black currant is back on the menu. The New York ban on currant cultivation was lifted in 2003, so naturally we’re expecting everyone in Brooklyn to start growing BC shrubs on their fire escapes. I just want someone to hand me a currant cocktail already.

Indrani Sen of the NY Times (who’s probably got a better palate than us–make that definitely) describes the taste of the black currants as, “deep and musky with a slightly funky aroma, and a mouth-puckering sourness that needs to be tempered by sugar” (full article from last year here). But don’t take her expert word for it: you can try this enigmatic fruit from recent Nona addition Fishkill Farms, who will be at the Borough Hall Greenmarket on Saturday and the Carroll Gardens Greenmarket on Sunday.

Here’s what else to expect at the Carroll Gardens farmers market, via market manager Chelsea Whittaker:

“Hey Carroll Gardens! We’re very excited to finally have Fishkill Farm at the market now! They have lots of seasonal vegetables, farm-fresh eggs, and fruit from their orchard. They are even expecting to have black currants in the market on Sunday! The market will also be featuring bok choy (grown by all of the vegetable farmers) and will have a cooking demo around 11:00am. See you Sunday!”

Carroll Gardnerers can also grab cheeses from Consider Bardwell Farms, milk from Milk Thistle, locally-grown mushrooms from Madura Farms, wine from NY’s Castello di Borghese, duck from Hudson Valley Duck, beef from Grazin’ Angus Acres, bread from Bread Alone, and beautiful seasonal strawberries among many other items. Pretty much all your grocery shopping for the week, minus the preservatives and artificial flavoring.

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