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If your life hasn’t been too peachy lately, it looks like that’s about to change. Our contacts at the farmers markets tell us that the peach crop is coming in this weekend. [Editor's Note: a few readers have pointed out that peaches have been at their markets for a couple of weeks, but we're told the creme de la creme should be here over the next few weeks!] Here are some tips from Greenpoint/McCarren Park and Borough Hall Market manager Chelsea Whittaker:

Peach season is starting! Last week was the first week peaches were in the market and they are only getting better and sweeter. Some farmers pick their peaches a little early so that they are more easy to transport to the markets (they are harder, and therefore don’t puncture as easily). Other farmers pick peaches when they are ripe so consumers can buy them and eat them immediately, however they lose a lot of peaches along the way because they get bruised and punctured. If you are looking for a quick and sweet snack, however, you should look for the softer peaches at the market. If you know you won’t eat them immediately, look for the harder, less ripe ones! A windowsill should get them ready in no time!

You can stop by the Greenpoint/McCarren Park farmers market this Saturday 8am – 4pm or Carroll Gardens farmers market on Sunday from 8am – 4pm. This week at Greenpoint there will be a demonstration on composting for the urban farmers out there, and Carroll Gardens will have a demo on cooking fennel. Greenpoint Market also accepts credit and debit cards now in case you’re the type of person who never has cash (OK, that was directed at all of our friends). There are dozens of other great local farmers and food purveyors selling their goods at all the markets across Brooklyn, so be sure to get out and show your support for local growers this summer!

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