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If the interest in raising chickens in Brooklyn continues to skyrocket at its current pace, a morning will come, sooner than you might think, when the crow of a rooster will trump your clock radio in welcoming the new day.

As interest in urban gardening and farming has exploded, more and more Brooklynites have found themselves tumbling down the rabbit hole, embracing beekeeping and raising chickens rather than stopping at nurturing proud rows of lettuce and cukes.

Just Food, a non-profit organization that promotes all kinds of projects meant to bring good food into streets, alleys, gardens and kitchens across NYC, has kicked off their 2012 City Chicken Project. They’re seeking to raise $11,000 to launch new coops in four community gardens this summer. The funds will cover the expense of constructing the coops, buying the birds, and training the locals on how keep their chickens happily laying eggs.

They’ve put together a video highlighting the popularity and success of the chickens (and their eggs) at the Walt L. Shamel Community Garden in Crown Heights, the Hattie Carthan Community Garden in Bed-Stuy, and La Union Garden in Sunset Park.

Gregory Anderson, one of the farmers behind the egg effort at the Crown Heights garden says:

“We got started in 2003, renovated the garden. I saw a lot of community gardens. I was living in the Bronx at the time and I could hear the roosters crowing in the morning, and that started bringing back memories. Childhood memories.”

Deborah Edwards-Anderson, also of the Walt L. Shamel Garden adds:

“One of the best thing about having them has been allowing children to see where their food comes from, where eggs come from. They don’t come from a carton. They don’t come from a store. They come from chickens. It’s a reminder that this is living space…The animals belong here. We belong here. The animals need this ground. We need this ground too. It’s a way to bring people in.”

And really – doesn’t the crow of a rooster offer a way better way to wake up than the over-caffeinated blare of 1010WINS?

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One Response to Eggs Up: Just Food’s City Chicken Project Promotes Coops In The Concrete Jungle

  1. Great article, though roosters aren’t legal ’round these parts. :-)

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