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The success of Goatfell Farm in Oak Hill, New York, owned by Egg's George Weld, is driving the restaurant to expand to a new location in Williamsburg

by Joanna Shaw Flamm

Egg in Williamsburg is known and loved for its homemade buttermilk biscuits and farm fresh eggs, but did you know they also have a farm? Goatfell Farm is a 6-acre farm located in Oak Hill, NY, about two and a half hours north of the city. Krissy Viig, a former server at Egg, moved to Goatfell to manage the farm a couple of years ago. She’s been farming a little bit more of their land every year for the past three seasons, supplying the restaurant with potatoes, swiss chard, tomatoes, and more.

According to Eater, the growth of the farm has encouraged George Weld, the owner of both Egg and Goatfell, to expand to a new space at 109A N. 3rd in Williamsburg, next to Mast Brothers Chocolate. They’re still looking for additional funding, so the details and opening date aren’t totally nailed down, but Weld told Eater that the “more relaxed” restaurant will “grow organically out of Egg” and focus on dinner service and vegetables from their farm.

This is exciting news to those of us interested in the connections between restaurants and local farms, as it might be the first time that the expansion of a farm upstate has so directly influenced the growth of the restaurant it supplies in the city. The people behind Egg own the farm and work it themselves – they’re not just paying lip service to the concept of local food. We’re eager to see what the farm inspires at the new location (though we’re really glad they’re not getting rid of those biscuits…)

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