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Parish Hall, a new restaurant from the team behind farm-to-table breakfast and lunch sensation Egg, opens with lunch service tomorrow in Williamsburg. Dinner service begins April 13th.

Parish Hall, a new restaurant from the team at farm-to-table breakfast and lunch champion Egg, opens for lunch tomorrow at 109 North 3rd Street (between Berry and Wythe) in Williamsburg. Dinner service begins on April 13th.

Egg famously sources much of its produce from founder/owner George Weld’s own Goatfell Farm upstate. Parish Hall, where the mission is to, ‘explore the possibility of northeast regional cuisine,’ will provide another outlet for the growing farm’s produce, and will give chef Evan Hanczor, who has helmed the kitchen at breakfast and lunch-only

Egg for the last two years, the opportunity to show off his dinner chops.

Of the Parish Hall project, Weld says:

“Our food is an exploration of place, tradition, and change, an attempt to answer this question: what would regional northeast cuisine look like? The food of New York, the Catskills, and the Hudson River Valley has been continually reinterpreted by dozens of different cultures. What we have had consistently is an amazing region for growing vegetables and livestock, an abundant supply of fish and oysters and mushrooms and maple syrup. At Parish Hall, we’ll take advantage of this abundance with one eye on the various traditions of the area and another on the exciting neighborhood we cook and serve in and try to find food that expresses its place and its time.”

Here’s a peek at the opening lunch menu:

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