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Eat Drink Local Week

Edible Magazines is teaming up with GrowNYC (the fine folks behind the city’s greenmarkets), and just about every pedigreed producer, purveyor and promoter of good food and drink in the area to stage the second annual Eat Drink Local Week from Sunday, September 26 through Wednesday, October 6.

The event is so broad in scope that trying to digest it in its entirety might have you reaching for the Tums. There are over 100 restaurants, wineries, beer bars, artisans, farmers and famous foodies participating throughout the city and region, so chances are that if you’re headed out for some good food or drink of any sort over the next 10 days, you might not be able to avoid it. And hey, why would you want to?

Many of the participating restaurants and bars are offering special menus highlighting local, seasonal ingredients, and there are a host of related events celebrating good local food and drink.

For a Brooklyn-centric, amuse bouche-sized view of things, see the list of the 23 participating Brooklyn spots here.

NY Craft Beer Week

In the opposing corner, ready to duke it out with Eat Drink Local Week for your attention during the coming week, we have NY Craft Beer Week. Craft Beer Week will be celebrating the joys of good beer from September 24th (today) through October 3rd. Over 50 craft breweries, 80 bars, and 32 restaurants are participating.

“NY Craft Beer Week is an annual celebration of the New York City and its craft beer community–from the breweries and people who provide us with great beers, to the places we purchase and enjoy the amazing selection of beers available, and especially to our friends that we make time to share a beer with. The Week’s events range from neighborhood beer walks and bar promotions to tasting festivals, food pairings and beer dinners with plenty more. Both those newly discovering beer and the experienced connoisseur will find ample opportunities to get involved and learn how well craft beer complements the enjoyment of any element of everyday life.”

Sounds good, right? About 40 bars, restaurants and shops in Brooklyn are taking part. Like Eat Drink Local Week, this event has so much going on that wrapping your head around it all might require more work than you’ve got left in you on a Friday afternoon. Thankfully, the NY Press has boiled down the event offerings into one easy to digest highlight guide.

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