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BK Farmyard's Foxtrot backyard farm. Founder Stacey Murphy will teach you how to do this, beginning tonight, at her Urban Farming Bootcamp.

Stacey Murphy founded BK Farmyards, a network of backyard farms, way back in 2009 when growing vegetables in Brooklyn was little more than a titillating rumor. Now that just about everyone has been turned on to the psychedically amplified flavor of just-picked greens and the masses are clamoring to grow lettuce on rooftops and fire escapes, she begins the initiation of a new company of aspiring growers with her Urban Farming Bootcamp, which will presumably strip trainees of their soft, artisanal-loving, ‘twee’ personalities before rebuilding them into stone-cold backyard farming machines.

The program will cover site assessments (back yards, front yards, roofs and terraces all qualify), crop planning, seeding, transplanting, sowing, irrigation, and soil health. New growers, Stacey says, will emerge from the class equipped to take a five dollar pack of tomato seedlings and grow thirty pounds of heirloom gold – worth a hundred and fifty bucks at the farmers market. Just sayin’!

Classes are tonight and next Tuesday at 61 Local, with in-the-field study session on Sunday at BK Farmyard’s Foxtrot backyard farm. Like to wait till the last minute? A few spots are still open. Sign up here, and use discount code ‘COSTA’ for $50 off the $250 tuition fee.

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