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As everyone knows, when the Jews fled slavery in Egypt under divine protection, and finally set foot on the dry sands of the Sinai peninsula after crossing the mucky bottom of the Red Sea between two roiling, towering walls of water, they immediately set up camp and began braising briskets of local, grass-fed beef.

And thus a Passover tradition was born. Never paid attention to your bubbe’s  braising techniques? Or were you too busy coloring Easter eggs to note the existence of this time-honored ritual? Fear not. Joshua Applestone of Park Slope’s Fleisher’s Grass-Fed Meats is here to help you chill out and braise. We mean, really, really chill. In fact, even if you have no intention of touching a brisket this weekend, if you’re suffering from any kind of stress, skip the Xanax and just watch this a few times.

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