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There are lots of ways to get closer to your food, like buying fresh local produce and meat from the producers themselves at farmers markets, or starting your own garden and growing your own. Until now, it hasn’t been as easy for Brooklynites to get a little closer to their wine. Happily, the long-awaited The Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg is opening very soon.

“I think there is so much that goes into a bottle of wine and there is so much mystery behind it,” says proprietor Brian Leventhal. Now we can all get our hands dirty and start uncorking those mysteries.

At the Winery, you’ll be able to take part in the entire 8-to-24-month long process (depending on the vintage) of making your own wine. You’ll start by crushing and fermenting the grapes, and finish by hand bottling your wine, and even applying your own labels. Want to know more about all that crushing, fermenting, and bottling? Brooklyn Based has a great in-depth look at the wine making fun.

If you’re commitment-phobic and get queasy at the thought of being tied down to one barrel of wine for so long, or if the $600 (minimum) price tag for two cases of your own personal wine is daunting, you can always stop in for a quick sip at their wine bar. The wine bar will feature communal tables and will also be offering good food from Williamsburg neighbors Radish.

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