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Sadly, news out of Vermont and the Catskills has only gotten worse; Just Food reports that there has been a blanket ruling by the FDA that prohibits any produce that was under flood waters from being sold for human consumption, meaning even more lost profits for hurricane-affected farmers. The NYC Greenmarkets estimate that 80% of their farmers have been affected, which will have a significant impact on markets throughout the rest of the season.

What’s a New York foodie to do? Go out to eat, of course!

On September 25th, participating restaurants across the city will donate up to 10% of their sales to aiding local farmers affected by Hurricane Irene in an event called, appropriately, Dine Out Irene. The event is being organized by food writer Gabriella Gershenson, Rachel Wharton of Edible Publications, Robert Lavalva of the New Amsterdam market, and writers Adam Sachs and Kat Kinsman, and it offers urban New Yorkers a way to help their rural neighbors by eating good food for a good cause.

Who’s in? The list is long, and the Brooklyn contingent includes Palo Santo, Buttermilk Channel, and Robicelli’s (see the full list here.) The organizers are still actively looking for restaurants to participate, so get in there, Brooklyn! We’d love have more BK options when we decide where we’ll be eating Sept. 25th.

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4 Responses to Dine Out Irene Looking for a Few (More) Good Restaurants

  1. Stacy says:

    If you favorite places are closed it’s almost a blessing in disguise because you get to try new places! Check out City Maps it’s a one stop shop for finding literally anything in the city and Brooklyn. It’s my new go to.

    • Suardi says:

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