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Food Co-ops are hot. On Fire. Who wouldn’t want in on a way to score local, organic food at a significant discount?

As a result, scoring a membership at the Park Slope Food Co-op has become harder than scoring a ticket for a Yankees playoff game. In order to keep the crowds under control, the co-op has limited the number of new slots available to 70 per week. Wannabe members must try to snag the few open slots online, and they’re inevitably all gone in a matter of minutes. To help alleviate the demand, and the crowds, the Park Slope Co-op is taking on the role of a mothership, helping others open coops in nearby ‘hoods, and offering work shift credits to members who take an active role in helping new co-ops get off the ground.

Brooklyn Based takes a look at the trials and tribulations of new coops in bay Ridge, Clinton Hill, Flatbush and Bushwick as they seek to find their footing.

One Nona reader wants to open a co-op in Greenpoint, and she’s looking to join forces with others who’d like their very own in North Brooklyn. If you’d like to get involved, contact Jessica at She says, “I’d like to find others who want this venture in Greenpoint too so we can discuss, breakdown and attack!” Go for it people!

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