• SCRATCHbread Nov 18

    order a pie for pizza's sake 917.803.5773

  • SCRATCHbread Dec 03


  • SCRATCHbread Dec 03

    Salted caramel HOTchocolate.
    black peppercorn marshmallow

  • Meet your makers

  • Tomato Apple Chutney pairs perfectly with grilled cheese or cured meats.

  • Robertas Nov 18

    Put this on your calendars now and start training!! BEERFEST. Sunday December 4th

  • chuko Nov 17

    Special: Miso butter baked clams with Chinese sausage.

  • Fatty 'Cue Nov 09

    New Bklyn dish alert! Butternut Squash | panko fried, house made cheese, cured sausage. Get some!

  • Robertas Nov 03

    Roberta's Mobile Ops……..anywhere

  • Prime Meats Oct 15

  • (Butternut squash+ginger+Szechuan peppercorns/clover honey*16.4deg Plato wort)*Saaz(6.7256478888) = SaazSquash

  • And then came the Pinot! Here's the team sorting our first red grapes of the season

  • Seersucker Sep 24

    Tonight's dinner menu. Lots of new dishes!

  • Today's sandwich menu. Sandwiches made fresh everyday.

  • Did you go to the grand opening of the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop yesterday? Well, if not this is what you missed… The Choinkwich with our BaconMarmalade!

  • Bark Hot Dogs Aug 24

    New to the menu: Fried Local Eggplant with Pickled Cherry Peppers and Mint.

  • Imposter Pilsner – the latest release from Barrier. Look for the first batch on tap at Bierkraft and Franny's in Brooklyn!

  • Tomatoes! Who's ready for salsa???

  • EAT Aug 10

    Frolic cheese from Bobolink Dairy in NJ. Try it today in our new potato salad. Like the plate? We made it here.

  • Buyer beware: These ground cherries are addictive.

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