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NonaBrooklyn has been selected as a finalist for 'best group food blog' for both the James Beard Awards and Saveur Magazine's Best Food Blog Awards. Seriously.

It’s always nice to know that people think what you’re doing doesn’t suck. So it was really great to hear that NonaBrooklyn has been selected by both the James Beard Awards and Saveur Magazine as a finalist in the ‘best group food blog’ category.

Seriously, people. This is not some kind of late April Fool’s Day joke!

We’re in good company: Our co-finalists for the James Beard award are NPR’s The Salt, and Epicurious’ Epilog blog. Our Saveur award co-finalists are Muy Bueno, Culinate, ACQTASTE, Punk Domestics, and Honest Cooking.

While the James Beard Foundation selects its winners by a committee of judges behind closed doors, the Saveur Award winners are determined by popular vote. So if you like NonaBrooklyn, or even just kind of like us a little bit, we’d be forever grateful for your vote.


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