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Are you ready to take the plunge this year and get yourself one of those pasture-raised heritage breed turkeys that you’ve been hearing about? Or are you skeptical about paying a premium for the good stuff, or a little scared of trying the gamier alternative to your trusty Butterball? Patrick Martins, co-founder of Bushwick’s sustainable meat purveyor Heritage Foods, chatted with Bon Appetit about why good turkey costs more, and why it’s worth it.

Brooklyn Based has pulled together a comprehensive list of local farms and purveyors offering some seriously fine pasture-raised, heritage-breed turkeys for your Thanksgiving dinner. In addition to the many turkey sources they’ve listed, you can also order from Stinky Bklyn (call them at 718.522.7425) and The Brooklyn Kitchen. (Editors Note: I had one of these pasture-raised turkeys last year from Stinky BKLYN and it was the best turkey I’ve ever had, hands down!)

Need some advice on what exactly to do with your precious heritage-breed? Food writer Harold McGee has some tips and debunks some old-wives’ tales about how best to cook your bird.

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