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Pie Corps is on Lucky Ant from Lucky Ant on Vimeo.

The savory pie special forces at Pie Corps are on a roll. The Corps’ Cheryl Perry and Felipa Lopez,  finalists in the Next Big Small Brand competition at the Brooklyn Academy of Music a few weeks ago, are now gearing up to open their first retail location later this year.

As often happens when two-lady artisanal pie making outfits ramp up to take their operations to the next level, the need for cold, hard cash to increase production rears its ugly head.

Pie Corps needs a bigger oven. Rather than begging the bank for a high-interest loan, they’re taking it to the pie loving public. They’ve launched a one-week campaign to raise $7 grand with Lucky Ant, a NYC-based crowdsourcing startup.

And this is a crowdsourcing act that’s easy to get behind – all donations made to help Pie Corps score their giant pie-baking machine now, get equal or greater value back in pie (and some other pie-related sundries).

Check out the Pie Corps oven campaign here.

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