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Shake Shack Brooklyn is open, and you don't need to feel as guilty about stuffing your face there as you might think. Photo by misteranderson.

OK people, it’s been 2012 for over 48 hours. That means we’re easily far enough into the New Year to toss those resolutions out the window, get off the treadmill and indulge in some guilty pleasure of the good kind, right?

Shake Shack, anyone?

Danny Meyer’s burger mecca opened its first Brooklyn location downtown, near Borough Hall, just before Christmas, and if the promise of a Shack Burger, crinkle cut fries, and a Black and White shake isn’t enough to have you running out of the gym and into line, here are a few reasons NOT to feel guilty about a Shack Attack.

1. Local sourcing

Shake Shack may have locations as far away as Dubai, but they add a little local flavor by incorporating local artisanal foods into their menus. The BK Shack uses Mast Brothers Chocolate and Early Bird Granola in their Concretes (‘dense frozen custards blended at high speed with toppings…’), and all the New York spots pour a special brew from Brooklyn Brewery called the ShackMeister Ale. They make most of their sauces in house, and the pickles are from another local favorite – Rick’s Picks.

2. Decent Meat

The meat for the burgers may not be local (LaFrieda, who makes their special blend, is somewhat opaque about their sourcing) but the beef is all-natural Black Angus, with no hormones or antibiotics. LaFrieda is a 90-year-old family owned and operated company, and while it’s not the same as buying directly from a small farm, it’s top-of-class sourcing for a fast food joint.

3. Green Practices

Shake Shack buys 100% of their electricity through sustainable wind power, and they recycle their grease into biodiesel – In light of the Shack’s never-ending global expansion these offsets should help to ensure that the brand doesn’t singlehandedly exhaust all the planet’s remaining resources.

A burger and a shake is never going to be a healthymeal, exactly, but at Brooklyn’s Shake Shack, it can be a good one. And if you hit them up before everyone else bails on their get fit New Year’s resolutions, you might not even have to wait in line.

Shake Shack, 409 Fulton Street, (718) 307-7590. Open 11am-11pm daily. Full menu here.

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