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We’d like to propose the opening of an official Brooklyn Hall of Fame. Picture a long hall filled with columns of Romanesque busts of the likes of Barry Manilow, Eddie Murphy, Ol Dirty Bastard, Henry Miller, Alyssa Milano, Spike Lee, Jackie Gleason, Woodie Allen, Pat Benetar and Jay Z.  If there were such a thing as a Brooklyn Hall of Fame, Larry King’s bust would reside in a place of prominence, probably under some sort of well-lit arch, or dome.

Since retiring the from mic at CNN, he’s opened a franchise of something called the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., in his hometown of Beverly Hills, where they create ‘Brooklynized’ bagels by scientifically treating the local water to render it identical to Brooklyn water.

Justin Silverman of THE DAILY flew out to L.A. to interrogate Larry about this mysterious process of Brooklynization, and to try his bagels. Apparently, they’re actually pretty good. The lovely Fucked in Park Slope has a full rundown. Here’s the video:

All this just begs the question, what can we Brooklynize next? Suggestions?

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  1. Michael says:

    I think we should Brooklynize France first, then the NFL.

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