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By Matthew Tilden, owner/baker, SCRATCHbread

Thanksgiving, the best holiday of the year in my opinion…Certainly the most gluttonous. But mostly it’s about substance, not some artificial BS, or pretty pink flower. You give and get the gift of genuine giving. Whether it be thanks, or appreciation, in the end, it’s about gathering around a table, breaking bread, smiling, laughing and enjoying one another’s company…And of course the food…Oh, the magnificent feast…The ridiculous amount we eat, and then the paralyzing aftermath where the only thing more comforting than a nap and a belly rub is a serious digestif like a solid bourbon on the chilly eve, ending the night with a comfort hug and a warm blanket before the next day’s frantic beginnings of holiday season mayhem…And the inevitable hangover sets in…What the hell to do with all that leftover food??

Well I’m not usually one for leftovers, but Thanksgiving leftovers are different for some reason, they’ve got soul that doesn’t justify being tossed into the bottom of a plastic waste bin. They took hours to prepare, and much, much love went into the end result…so I’ve always enjoyed the creativity, and relished (as a restauranteur) mocking other restaurants attempts to disguise the aftermath when we all really know the deal…

But I want to share an idea on making yesterday’s delicious feast, well…even more delicious the next day. Wake up the whole groggy, hungover family to this ridiculously sexy and easy hash.

Turkey Leg ‘Hash’ with Roasted Egg & Broken Sweet Potato Vinaigrette

‘Hash’ Base

  • 1 part (pulled apart) turkey leg to 2 parts stuffing (a small handful per person)
  • Fresh Herbs (of your choice)
  • 2 tablespoons (per person) extra virgin olive oil
  • Mustard (any grainy or dijon mustard about a half tablespoon per person)
  • Sea salt & Fresh ground Pepper (to taste)

Vinaigrette (about 4 portions)

  • Half a cup of sweet potato puree
  • Half cup of extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of vinager (whatever you like – aged sherry, balsamic, apple cider, red wine and champagne varieties will all work)
  • 1 tablespoon sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon fresh ground black pepper

Optional: Salad greens

- Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees

- Combine all vinaigrette ingredients into a bowl and loosely mix together and adjust seasoning to balance flavor… (IE: Too acidic = add more oil and a little honey even…Too bland = add vinager, salt and pepper)

- Combine all hash ingredients into a bowl, and mix together all ingredients. Mix should form into a clump and set without falling apart…if dry, add some hot water to moisten, let sit, and continue…

- Heat Skillet (preferably cast iron but non-stick will work) over medium heat until hot

- Add a handful of hash mix for each person and press into pan with the back of a spoon or spatula.

- Cook until edges have a nice dark brown color, then flip

- With an unbroken egg in its shell, make a small well into the center of each serving of the hash

- Crack egg, and carefully fill each well with an egg

- Throw in oven until eggs are set to the touch (about 5-10 minutes)

- Cook until as crispy and dark as you can handle, remove and let cool 3 minutes

- Drizzle each serving with the vinegarette and serve with greens (optional)

Dig in. Enjoy.

Of course, the absolute best stuffing to use is our own SCRATCHstuffing mix with our butternut SCRATCHcroutons, toasted pecans and wild mushroom-herb satchel. The Meat Hook is making a special country sausage to pair with our SCRATCHstuffing. If you use both, you’ve got the best friggin thing eva! just sayin…

Note: SCRATCHbread is offering a special Thanksgiving menu, including their SCRATCHstuffing. The menu is available for pre-order on their website, with pick-up on Wednesday, November 24 at their shop in Bed Stuy. SCRATCHbread is teaming up with the talented butchers at The Meat Hook on a luxe version of their SCRATCHstuffing mix, pairing their country sausage with SCRATCH’s butternut croutons, pecans, and wild mushroom + herb flavoring satchel. They also have an assortment of breads and pastries, including a seasonal focaccia with butternut, pumpkin seed, and sage, and their notorious buttercream brownies.


Full menu and details for ordering here.

SCRATCHbread will be selling their stuffing and and lots of other items at Brooklyn Flea on Nov 20. You can track down their Thanksgiving menu at Greene Grape Provisions, Brooklyn Larder, The Brooklyn Kitchen, and Blue Apron Foods.


And on the holiday theme, they’ll be handing out a free SCRATCHstuffing mix (with Meat Hook sausage) to anyone who makes a $50 pledge or more to their Kickstarter campaign before Thanksgiving.

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