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Editor’s note: Court Street Grocers, opened just over a year ago in Carroll Gardens by two art school buddies turned food fanatics, is a neighborhood favorite for many reasons, but it’s their sandwiches in particular that have won them accolades from the food media citywide. Owners Matt and Eric have a knack for re-engineering classic sandwiches – ones we all remember from way back when – in a way that respects those memories, but subtly takes the end result to new heights. Here’s their take on one of the most important elements of the Thanksgiving feast – the leftover sandwich.

By Matt Ross and Eric Finkelstein, owners of Court Street Grocers

The Thanksgiving leftover sandwich is a classic. Here’s our version -

Ingredients (hopefully you’ll have all these on hand the day after Thanksgiving)

  • dark turkey meat
  • white turkey meat
  • gravy
  • cranberry sauce
  • horseradish sauce (mayo, sour cream, horseradish, salt, pepper)
  • cheese, we like it with swiss
  • white onions
  • Martin’s potato bread


1.  Shred the dark meat and toss it with some gravy.
2.  Lay a few slices of white meat on an oven-proof…something.
3.  Mound up the dark meat on top of the few slices of white meat and heat it in the oven until warm.
4.  When meat is warm, melt a slice of cheese on top.
5.  Lightly toast the bread, it should still be very soft.
6. Using a spatula move the white meat, dark meat, and cheese to the bottom piece of bread.
7. Top the meat with cranberry sauce, horseradish sauce, and sliced raw onions.
8. Cover with second piece of bread, and serve with a little gravy on the side!

Court Street Grocers is located at 485 Court Street, between Nelson and Huntington, in Carroll Gardens.

For the Court Street Grocers backstory, check our conversation with Matt and Eric: Holding Court: Serious Sandwiches and Elusive Eats Come First at Court Street Grocers

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