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Editor’s Note: Do or Dine’s original (and elevated) take on ‘fine diving’ has generated quite a buzz since opening this summer. The Bed-Stuy restaurant, opened by a crew of veterans of The Modern, churns out well-executed plates with brash and often chuckle-inducing attitude. Pablum Director (ie. co-executive chef) Justin Warner, brings a Do or Dine-ized riff on a childhood favorite to the Potluck – Baked Apples, with Wasabi Marshmallows. That’s right.

Brooklyn Thanksgiving Potluck: Baked Apples with Wasabi Marshmallows from Justin Warner of Do or Dine (pictured in the blue apron)

By Justin Warner, ‘Pablum Director’ and chef at Do or Dine

So my mom used to make baked apples with cinnamon, butter, and toasted marshmallows for Thanksgiving.  Everybody dug the hell out of it, especially us kids. The gentle acidity buried within the golden delicious apples proved less cloying than its yam-based counterparts.

As an 8 year-old, however, I didn’t give a shit. I still don’t really.

Try this version of Baked Apples with Wasabi Marshmallows

  • Make Alton Brown’s recipe for marshmallows, omitting the vanilla and replacing with two tablespoons wasabi powder.
  • Peel, core, and halve a bunch of golden delicious apples.
  • Mix a tablespoon of strong-ass Dijon with 1 stick of melted butter.
  • Lay the apples out core side down in a Pyrex and dump the butter-mustard all over them.
  • If they’re not swimming, make more butter mustard.
  • Bake this at 350 until you think the apples are softer, but not mush.
  • Remove the apples from the butter and let them cool down. When it’s time to eat, put them under the broiler to reheat them. Pull them out and put some wasabi marshmallows on top.
  • Put them back under the broiler and make the marshmallows toasty.
  • Serve, but fail to mention the wasabi.


(If you over-bake the apples, put them in a food processor and serve them as “compote.” Then wow your family with your gonzo marshmallows.)

Do or Dine is located at 1108 Bedford Ave, between Gates & Lexington, in Bed Stuy.

For the story behind the world’s first ‘fine diving’ establishment, see our conversation with Justin and the crew:  Post-Modern: Do or Dine Brings ‘Fine Diving,’ Heart Attacks and Halalipops to Bed-Stuy

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