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Brooklyn Grange is going big. With their ongoing expansion to a second 45,000 square foot rooftop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, they’ve doubled their amount of farmable land. And they’re not stopping there – they want to ‘colonize’ the borough with an ambitious new apiary project.

Demand for local honey has soared in the last two years, as beekeeping was re-legalized by the city and locals were turned on to the allergy-calming powers and general deliciousness of honey made by armies of Brooklyn bees.

To grow the supply of local honey, the Grange plans to launch New York City’s largest commercial apiary, with the goal of setting up a minimum of twenty five hives on their Navy Yard and Long Island City rooftops to produce over 1,000 pounds of honey.

They’re raising funds for the project through a new Kickstarter campaign. Here’s the video:

The Grange also intends to foster their own breed of local queen bees, genetically engineered to thrive in the New York City climate, and to train and deploy wave after wave of beekeepers across the rooftops and backyards of Brooklyn – they’ve created an official apprenticeship program:

“The program will enlist and train dozens of aspiring urban beekeepers, who will receive bees of their own if they complete the apprenticeship and commit to mentoring new apprentices the following year.”

So don’t be alarmed if you start seeing people dressed in baggy white spacesuits carrying their own clouds of smoke wandering the streets. They’re just here for the honey.

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