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The spring harvest has begun at Brooklyn Grange. You can get some of the city's freshest produce yourself beginning this week, as the Grange kicks off their 2012 market season in Long Island City today and in Williamsburg on Sunday, at Smorgasburg.

The seedlings have sprouted high in the sky at Brooklyn Grange’s Long Island City rooftop farm, and the first spring harvest is underway. Fans of the freshest produce you can possibly get in New York City have a reason to celebrate – the Grange is kicking off their 2012 market season today, with the debut of their weekly Long Island City market in the lobby of the farm building at 37-18 Northern Boulevard (at 38th Street). They’ll be bringing just-picked greens, radishes, eggs, and the season’s first strawberries back to the Williamsburg waterfront with their return to Smorgasburg this Saturday.

Beginning on June 17th, the Grange will be setting up a stand at the new McGolricj Park farmers market in Greenpoint on Sundays.

Construction of the farm’s new one-acre rooftop location at the Brooklyn Navy Yard is underway. Planting is scheduled to begin next week, with thousands of tomato, pepper, kale, and herb plants waiting at the Long Island City for their new beds to be ready. The new location should be open to the public in June.

Up for a field trip? Here’s the trailer from Up On The Farm, a short film focusing on the Grange’s 2011 season by Diane Nerwen -

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