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Brooklyn vs. Manhattan is so cliche, isn’t it? It’s not a competition, it’s not a race. It’s just two neighborly boroughs coexisting, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

HA! It’s absolutely a competition, and Brooklyn is KICKING MANHATTAN’S SKINNY BUTT! Just check who New York Magazine picked for the city’s best tasting menu.

New York Magazine picks Cesar Ramirez's Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare for city's best tasting menu

That’s right, not Manhattan’s Per Se or Le Bernadin: the winner is Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, chef Cesar Ramirez’s tiny 18-seat, two Michelin-star restaurant inside a grocery store in downtown Brooklyn.

Of the small-plate tasting menu, the editors write:

“There’s a lightness to these ingeniously exotic, sashimi-style preparations (Kumamoto oysters with Key-lime gelée, silvery madai tossed with ponzu sauce and bits of daikon, langoustines touched with jalapeño and burrata cheese) that turns a potentially onerous trip to Brooklyn into a voyage of culinary discovery.”

It’s mildly tempting to retaliate for that “potentially onerous trip to Brooklyn” snark, but we’ll let it slide.

Check out Grub Street‘s video, and we’ll just say…good game, Manhattan. See you at the next round.

Best of New York: Tasting Menu by NYMag

Unfortunately, of course, this means it’ll be even more impossible than ever to score a seat at chef Cesar’s table, but hey – it’s nice to know it’s there.

If you’re a ‘Best Of’ stuff fan, you might want to check out The L Magazine‘s freshly published Brooklyn Restaurant Awards as well.

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