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Wen-Jay Ying, founder of the Local Roots CSA, with an armful of organic produce from Rogowski Farms. Brooklyn is home to close to fifty CSAs, and the cutthroat signup season for shares starts now. Check our listings for all Brooklyn's CSAs in our Good Food Guide (link below).

There are telltale signs that the season is upon us: Tulips start to bloom. You start seeing guys walking around in Mets shirts. Pale, overwintered skin starts appearing in alarming quantities, and you find yourself laying in the grass, soaking up the suddenly warm, narcotic sunlight as cherry blossoms flurry around you until far too quickly, the cold damp of the still-thawing earth starts to seep through your jeans.

All of these are signs. Not just of the planet’s tilt into spring, but of the commencement of one of the boroughs most cutthroat competitive new rituals – CSA signup season.

Seems like everyone wants to join a CSA these days. Who wouldn’t want the direct connect to a weekly haul of super-fresh produce grown on small local farms that don’t divebomb their fields with crop dusters? Produce that’s harvested the very day you pick it up, and that costs way less than it would in a store? And what self-respecting fiend for the good stuff doesn’t love the challenge of the occasional cameo appearance of relatively exotic treats like sorrel or rutabaga?

And most CSAs these days go way beyond the box of veggies – many offer a la carte local meat, egg, milk, bread shares and more.

The problem is, most CSAs sell out of shares. Fast. Like, within a week. And a lot of Brooklyn’s CSAs are opening up their precious few open slots for signups right now.

We’ve listed all the CSAs we could find in Brooklyn (forty eight of ‘em) in our Good Food Guide. Click here to browse through them all, or filter down the listings to see just the CSAs in your neighborhood. Just don’t wait – pick a good one with a pickup location near you and sign up now.

If we’ve missed any, tell us and we’ll add them to the Guide. Want to start a CSA in your neighborhood? Talk to the awesome CSA spawners at Just Food.


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3 Responses to Brooklyn CSA Directory: Get Ready For Rutabega – CSA Sign-Up Season Is Here

  1. Tess Parker says:

    I am a manager of an organic farm and CSA upstate, Common Hands Farm, our website is

    We have a CSA in Park Slope at Brooklyn Boulders 575 Degraw St
    The Pick up is June-November Tuesday evenings 6-8pm
    We have Full and Half Shares available as well as Fruit and Egg shares.

    I was hoping we could be listed on your Good Food Guide,let me know if you need any more information.

    Thank you!

  2. Fishkill Farms has a CSA in Park Slope.

    Pickups are Saturday from 11am-1pm at the Park Slope United Methodist Church Garden, 410 6th Avenue (between 7th and 8th street), Brooklyn, NY.

    Please visit for more info.

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