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Dr. Claw was the Ali G of the underground food world for a brief but memorable time. Photo courtesy Brooklyn Imbecile.

Ben Sargent’s obsession with seafood started when he was a kid in Boston, but since moving to Brooklyn he’s made quite an impression on the New York scene. His Brooklyn Urban Anglers Association holds a covert urban fishing derby every fall that draws dozens of competitors hoping to be that year’s “biggest hooker.” (See the video below.) His brief but popular Underground Lobster Pound served up super fresh lobster rolls in a style more commonly used to sell drugs — customers reached Sargent (under the code name “Dr. Claw“) by text, eventually receiving their rolls from a van or through a mail slot.

The Health Department eventually put an end to Sargent’s underground lobster dealings, but he certainly hasn’t stopped making waves in the seafood world. He’s appeared on Throwdown with Bobby Flay and The Martha Stewart Show, in addition to hosting his own show, Catch It, Cook It, & Eat It, on the Heritage Radio Network. His show on the Cooking Channel, called Hook, Line, and Dinner, premiered this spring and follows Sargent as he checks out East Coast fishermen and the chefs who cook their catches.

And now, the most recent feather in Sargent’s sea cap? According to Grub Street, he’s landed a book deal with Clarkson Potter (an imprint of Random House) for a “seafood cookbook of food, travel, adventure, and storytelling, with 75-100 recipes and color photos, [...] for publication Summer 2013.” Does that mean we’ll soon be making our own Dr. Claw rolls? Guess it’s not the same without the mail slot, but we’re excited nonetheless. Congrats!

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