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Our new favorite voice in the urban-ag chorus? Broke-Ass Grouch. That’s right. The Grouch writes for Grist, resides in Red Hook, grows produce in her back yard, and has little patience for high-minded philosphizing about ‘greening.’

While attending a seminar on the future of architecture, she was inspired to write: “Was Broke-Ass the only one who took umbrage at the proposal to build rarified eco-structures that would be prohibitively expensive — and likely be enjoyed only by yuppies interested in taking their kids there for an educational weekend field trip? What about the rest of us who live next to vacant lots full of trash and drug dealers and who stress the f*** out just thinking about how we’re actually going to be able to afford fresh vegetables for dinner this week?

Check out the full piece here. It only gets better. Dearest Broke-Ass, won’t you pleeeeease write for Nona?

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