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It’s ‘Bodega Week’ at – a week long exploration and culinary celebration of the city’s ubiquitous cigarette, lotto and sandwich-slinging corner stores. As part of the festivities, Eater has goaded a few high-profile chefs into reinventing classic Bodega eats. Representing Brooklyn? Tyler Kord, the man behind Fort Greene’s No. 7 and Greenpoint’s No. 7 Sub, and Dale Talde of Park Slope’s Talde.

Kord takes on the bacon, egg and cheese on a roll, transforming the hangover classic with Mongolian soft boiled fried eggs, feta cheese, smoked ketchup and jalapeno mayo, while Talde reimagines a Sunday morning standby – the everything bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese – as a spring roll. Want a taste? Both chefs will be serving up their dishes through Friday. To the videotape!

Bodega Week Inspirations at No. 7 Sub from Eater NY on Vimeo.

Bodega Week Inspirations at Talde from Eater NY on Vimeo.

You can follow all the Bodega Week madness at Eater right here.

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