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Remember when Brooklyn Brewery was one of the leading lights of the craft-brewing world?  When craft brewing was first emerging as a counterforce to the mass-produced American and imported beers that had dominated the market for generations, Brooklyn Brewery emerged as a rising star.  Nowadays, while their beer can be found on shelves and taps nationwide, their cachet has faded among local connoisseurs.  And who’s not a connoisseur today?  With so many intensely-creative small scale brewers elbowing their way onto taps throughout the borough, it’s hard to avoid developing a sophisticated beer palette, whether you mean to or not.

The New York Press brings us a feature on the apparent decline of Brooklyn Brewery’s shine, even as they cut the ribbon on their ginormous new brewhouse in Williamsburg, while Grubstreet brings us a spirited defense of the brewery’s chops from co-founder Tom Potter (that Local 1 is a fine brew.)

Controversy aside, the just-opened expanded brewery looks great. Want a peek inside? Gothamist has a nice slideshow. Be warned – it’s very shiny.

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