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Kelly Geary, Blue Hill veteran and founder of Sweet Deliverance – the Bed-Stuy-based outfit that turns organic produce from Paisley Farm’s CSA into whole meals delivered to your door – has some friends coming into town this weekend.

A seven-course dinner from stars of the bay area's pop-up ramen scene comes to Brooklyn this Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Those friends, San Fransisco-based chefs Ryoji Kajikawa (of RocketfishBlowfishKen Ken Ramen) and James LaLonde (of Pizzaria Delfina, Slow Club, MaverickSalt House), happen to be stars of the bay area’s pop-up ramen shop scene. Their pop-up SloMoSF is known for using seasonal ingredients to produce a hybrid take on California/Japanese cuisine.

Inevitably, the trio thought…why not bring their pop-up ramen to Brooklyn? And so, it is on. This coming Friday, Saturday and Monday (November 18, 19, and 21), Kelly, Ryoji and James will be hosting a seven-course sit-down meal complete with beer and sake pairings, in the Sweet Deliverance double-decker loft-style kitchen space on Atlantic Avenue in Bed -Stuy.

We spoke with Kelly to find out more.

So Kelly, tell us a little more about Ryoji and James. What kind of food do they like to do?

James and Ryoji do their pop-up SloMoSF dinners at this place called the Mojo Bicycle Café in San Fransisco. It’s a café and bike shop, and the café is really well-regarded. They make great food.

Ryoji’s background is in Japanese food, and James’ background is really in restaurants focused on local, seasonal food. So they’ve kind of come together and created their own fusion of those things.

They’re really excited about coming here and doing that here.

How did you meet these guys and come up with this whole cross-continental pop-up plan?

Ryoji is friends with one of my friends from Florida, where I grew up. Ryoji came to visit Brooklyn one time, and we were all hanging out and talking about food. We just got excited about doing something together.

I went to San Fransisco a couple of times and got to eat where they’ve been cooking and that’s how the friendship started.

Tell us about what you’ve got planned for the meal.

It’s going to be a sit-down meal with seven courses, and beer and sake pairings. We’ll be pairing a couple of different beers and a couple of different sakes with different courses. We’ll be doing things like sake-steamed clams, smoked shishito peppers, kaarage with togarashi aioli – which is like a Japanese-style fried chicken dish – and of course ramen. We’re making the ramen broth and noodles from scratch, with all kinds of local and seasonal garnishes. Lots of other interesting stuff. And after dessert we’re finishing with a whiskey and persimmon cocktail.

So it’ll really be their Japanese/Californian cuisine using local ingredients from here in the Northeast.

We’re just really excited to do it. I just had to order five pounds of chicken feet for the broth…I’d never ordered chicken feet before! It’s going to be fun!

Dinner at 8pm, beer, sake and persimmon cocktails included, no dietary restrictions. Tickets, $90. 1287 Atlantic Avenue, #1.



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