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Anyone out there working on a project meant to clothesline Big Food? The TedxManhattan Challenge wants to know. From their website:

“…we challenge you to work with a group of people in your community anywhere in the United States on a project related to sustainable food and farming. Start a garden at a senior center; start a farmers market; develop a cooking class at your child’s school; create a Food Policy Council in your city. Be creative!”

Take that, food system!

The prize? Someone from your project gets to talk at January’s TedxManhattan conference, the subject of which is “Changing the Way We Eat.” There’s no money involved (in fact, they won’t even pay for your plane ticket if you’re not in New York) but if you have a great project that could use some eyeballs, TedxManhattan will probably be a good place to find ‘em.

Applications are due by October 15th, so if you aren’t working on something already, there’s still time to jump on it. But remember, they’re judging based on impact, so hurry up, get out there, and crush it!

For more information, rules, and application forms, click here

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