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Sixpoint’s summer addition to their canned lineup is out. It’s ‘Apollo,’ a Bavarian-style wheat ale that puts the spotlight on an ancient Bavarian yeast – a departure from their habitual focus on the hop.

While beer geeks seem to love nothing more than to dissect and nitpick every trait of each new beer released by one of our nation’s thankfully-growing number of craft brewers, there’s really nothing to complain about when it comes to the American craft brewing revolution of the past decade.

Craft brewers here in the States have not only resurrected the art of brewing good beer, they’ve blown the roof of the sucka, bringing unbridled creativity and innovation to the tap after decades dominated by the dumbed-down flavor profiles pushed by giant brewers whose only inspiration was market share. The only beef you’ll sometimes hear about the American craft brewing movement of today is that some brewers seem to be totally obsessed with hops, blind to the equally compelling charms of malt and yeast – those other two strands of beer’s triple-helix dna.

Sixpoint is no stranger to hop-mania: The latest addition to their newish canned line was the Resin – an over-the-top (in a good way) ode to the mighty, sticky cone of the hop. And they’re nearing the end of their year-long Spice of Life project, in which they’ve sought to celebrate the nuanced variations between different strains of hops by brewing a special beer, each spotlighting a different varietal, each month.

But now, with the Apollo, Sixpoint gives the yeast its glory. Inspired by a series of beer-recon/philosophizing trips to Bavaria, Sixpoint founder Shane Welch and new ‘Braumeister’ Jan Matysiak collaborated on their own twist on the region’s classic weizens, or wheat ales, in which the hops play a supporting role to an ancient strain of Bavarian yeast and a traditional blend of wheat and barley malts.

So what’s good about it? We put the question to Jan.

“Apollo is brewed with an authentic Bavarian yeast, a 50/50 blend of wheat malt and barley malt in true weizen fashion, and is lightly hopped with German hops. Its elegant notes of banana, clove and vanilla, a very moderate 5.2% ABV and a low 11 IBU make it the perfect refreshing choice for sipping all throughout a summer day.”

And here’s the movie:

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  1. Evan says:

    It really is very good.

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