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A tweet from The Meat Hook. Looks like their 'Midnight Mass' Halloween blowout is fo' real

As a kid, were you blown away by the awesomeness of those school gym ‘haunted houses,’ where in a dark room you’d be forced to put your hands into a bucket of ‘eyeballs’ (peeled grapes), brains (molded pasta), or guts (Jell-O)?

All grown up and finding it hard to recapture those childhood Halloween thrills? Well, if you like your Halloweens creepy and your offal local, the ‘Midnight Mass’ party at The Meat Hook might be for you. The ghoulishly good butchers are teaming up with Lee Tiernan, the head chef at Fergus Henderson’s St. John Bread and Wine in London for a Halloween dinner that sounds downright hair-raising.

Midnight Mass comes to The Meat Hook in Williamsburg on Sunday, October 30th

According to Eater, the “Midnight Mass” dinner on Sunday, October 30th at 9pm will feature “blood cakes, cockles, a cloven-hoof roast, and other ghoulish, meaty delights.” Tickets are $120 and include wine and spirits (har har) from Vine Wine.

While the meat might be creepy, you can rest assured that it’ll all be packing The Meat Hook’s sourcing cred. Everything used at the party is sourced from the same local, sustainable producers they normally work with.

Warning: this is not an event for the young, or the faint of heart. Described as the first in a series of “Fucked Up Family Functions,” guests are supposed to arrive with a “down-to-party attitude.” Also? No dietary restrictions, so leave your vegan cousin at home.

(That much was probably obvious.)

Get tickets here, and dust off that “sexy locavore” outfit, because costumes are encouraged. 

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