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Polish up your growlers people – Red Hook-based Sixpoint Craft Ales is about to launch a new line of lagers.

Here’s the latest on this breaking story (in the Nona worldview, this would be the lead story on AC360 tonight too):


Acclaimed Alemakers Establish New Line of Beers with “Simultap” at 30 Establishments in New York City

BROOKLYN, NY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 – The Sixpoint Brewers today announced the launch of its Sixpoint Crisp Lagers line of beers that will be inaugurated with a new year-round offering — the “Sehr Crisp” Pilsner-style beer. The five-and-a-half-year-old brewery will debut the new beer with a “simultap” at 24 area bars and restaurants on Friday, September 17 at 5pm. Like all of the brewery’s beers, the “Sehr Crisp” will only be available on tap.

Sixpoint Crisp Lagers is a new division of the Brooklyn, NY, based company. Whereas Sixpoint Craft Ales has earned acclaim for producing nuanced, hand-crafted fermented malt beverages, the new Sixpoint Crisp Lagers division will strive for taste engineering excellence.

The formal, stated intention of the Crisp Lagers division is to create delicious, unique, bold and crisp lager beers by harnessing the natural qualities of the four classic beer ingredients – malt, hops, water and yeast. The name “Sixpoint” is already synonymous with well-crafted beers. The Crisp Lager line, in tandem with the Craft Ales portfolio, creates a wider and more dynamic range of Sixpoint beers to better serve the discerning palate and myriad of social situations.

Although the maiden batch of Crisp Lager took only several months to brew, the vision and manifestation of this project began when a 19-year-old Shane Welch brewed his first lager beer as a collegiate homebrewer. The past 12 years have been spent perfecting recipes and researching techniques to create bold and delicious lager beers.
Now the Sixpoint brewmaster, Welch is particularly pleased with Sixpoint Crisp Lagers’ maiden effort, which received its final inspiration from an eight-day journey earlier this year through the best malteries and breweries in Germany and the Czech Republic..

“The Sixpoint Sehr Crisp is a delicious celebration of all things that make Pilsner beer great,” Welch enthuses. “That is, bold, crisp and delicious flavors punctuated by soft honey malt and lots of peppery hops.

“To brew this beer, we source a very special floor-malted variety of Moravian malt found exclusively in the Czech Republic. We then combine this malt with two other proprietary varieties in a simple and unique grain bill. For the hops, we source varieties from both the United States and Germany.

“Finally, an extended cold-lagering phase allows this beer to finish clean and, as an added treat, we steep another massive dose of hops on the beer as it rounds out its cold conditioning. The result is a hybridized style of delicious beer, consistent with our methodology of drawing inspiration across multiple cultures. We could describe it more in our observations, but we believe a German Braumeister and colleague of ours said it best upon tasting, ‘It’s Sehr Crisp!’”

Sixpoint is thrilled that the following area establishments will be participating in the September 16 roll-out of the “Sehr Crisp.” The beer will also be poured at this year’s Atlantic Antic Street Fair on September 26th and at the “Pig Island” celebration October 2 on Governor’s Island. Expect to see more area establishments have it on tap soon.

Brooklyn, NY
Bark Hot Dogs (474 Bergen Street between Flatbush and Fifth Avenues)*
Bar Great Harry (280 Smith Street at Sackett Street)
Barcade (388 Union Avenue between Powers and Ainslie Streets)
Bierkraft (191 Fifth Avenue at President Street)*
Diner (85 Broadway at Berry Street)
Double Windsor (210 Prospect Park West at 16th Street), featuring a $13 burger, fries and beer special
Franklin Park (618 St. John’s Place between Franklin and Classon Avenues)
Habitat (988 Manhattan Avenue at Huron Street)
Mission Delores (249 4th Ave. at Carroll Street)
No. 7 (7 Greene Avenue between South Oxford and Cumberland Streets)
Prime Meats (465 Court Street at Luquer Street)*
Roberta’s (261 Moore Street between Bogart and White Streets)*
Sycamore (1118 Cortelyou Road at Westminster Road)

New York, NY

The Breslin (16 West 29th Street between Broadway and Fifth Avenue)
Jeffrey’s (opening September 24 at 33 Christopher Street)*
Kettle of Fish (59 Christopher Street, just east of Seventh Avenue)
Marshall Stack (66 Rivington Street at Allen Street)
The Modern (9 West 53rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues)
The Pony (637 10th Avenue at 45th Street)*
Spotted Pig (314 West 11th Street at Greenwich Street)
Swift (34 East 4th Street between Bowery and Lafayette Avenue)
Terroir Tribeca (24 Harrison Street at Greenwich Street)
Whole Foods Market Beer Room (95 East Houston Street @ Second Avenue)*

Queens, NY
Sunswick (35-02 35th Street at 35th Avenue)

*Available in growlers “to go”

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