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3rd Ward, in partnership with the Borough President's office, will be opening a culinary incubator to help fledgling food businesses take flight, in 2013.

Wanna-be food makers, start your engines! Thanks to a $1.5 million grant from the city, multi-disciplinary workspace and education center 3rd Ward will be opening a culinary incubator in 2013. In his State of the Borough address last Wednesday, Borough Prez Marty Markowitz (known to be a fan of good food of all kinds) announced the grant, noting 3rd Ward’s “proven track record”.

Said Markowitz:

“This incubator will provide culinary entrepreneurs with the tools, equipment, and workspace that they would otherwise not be able to afford.”

The culinary incubator won’t share 3rd Ward’s current space in Bushwick, but the final location has yet to be determined (Crain’s says it will be in a part of Brooklyn with particularly high unemployment). What we do know is that the center will offer the same types of services 3rd Ward already offers in other subject areas, including “diverse classes at all levels, professional tools and equipment, influencer-led events, and a community of inspiring, creative individuals.”

In addition to classes on subjects from Urban Agriculture to Drinkmaking, the incubator will feature equipment and space for the kinds of food preparation and development it would be nearly impossible for a new small food business owner to afford, like a Meat Curing Lab. Members will be able to use the shared space to develop their products affordably and legally (because selling jam you made in your apartment kitchen is a no-no).

An onsite Cafe and Market will offer meals featuring member-made ingredients, fresh produce, cooking ingredients, member-made products, and cooking tools and equipment. They also plan to hold community seminars, competitions, and other events.

Enriching Brooklyn’s food culture while creating jobs and supporting small businesses? 3rd Ward for the win! Find out more at their website.

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